Multilevel Drilldown in Jquery Datatables

Jquery datatables is powerful plugin to create html tables with numerous features like sorting, pagination, editing, deleting etc. For more information refer the following link.
Implementing single level drilldown on this plugin is quite straightforwards. But when it comes to multilevel drilldown it becomes more complex to make it work with paginations and multiple levels of drilldown within it. The normal jquery bind and live methods some times fail to work as expected. So I have used ‘on’ instead of the bind/live. To understand the usage of bind vs live vs on, please refer We also need to pass the element position while creating the drilldown tables. This will avoid the drilldown bug where in, it will not confuse between the element of two different level when opening and closing them.
So here is a working code of jquery datatable multilevel drilldown.